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Starting & Building Your Marketing Company

Hey everyone! Thanks for being here.

This is Jake Kurtz, Owner of Brick Media in Tampa, Florida.

In 2017, Brick Media started while I was still working a full-time desk job, miserable and feeling like I couldn’t find my purpose. I felt like I had a good life overall, but I felt like I couldn’t figure out the career side. Happy, but also empty at the same time.

So I started doing work on the side.

Fast forward a few years… Brick Media has been built to a digital marketing agency with a small team, an office in downtown Tampa, and 20+ clients both locally and around the US.

By the way, I’m NOT one of those “travel around the world with my laptop and make millions while I sit on the beach” people, but I do have a stable, locally-based company that allows me generate steady income, live comfortably, and my favorite part… freedom. I finally have the ability to work how I want, when I want, where I want. For me, freedom is happiness.

I feel blessed to be where I am, but now I want to share the happiness with others by helping them along their own path.

How This Works – 4 Steps

(1) You have an idea for a marketing company you want to start, or you have one started already, but you’re running into problems.

(2) You tap the button below and pay the consulting fee, which locks in 60 minutes for us to chat 1-on-1.

(3) You ask me literally anything you want and I’ll answer it with detailed experiences from my own journey. No generic advice. I will do my best to over-deliver for you.

(4) We keep in touch. As you can imagine, I get busy. However, after I talk to you for 60 minutes, chances are we’ll chat more in the future via email, texts, and DMs.

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