Your Daily Social Media Checklist

Your Daily Social Media Checklist

by Maria
August 26, 2020

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Your Daily Social Media Checklist for 2020 is here!

In the marketing world, it can be tough to stay consistent with social media.

Have you ever sat there at 9:00 at night and been like, “Dang it, I forgot to post on LinkedIn again” or “I really should have shared that to my Instagram feed today” but then it’s already too late?

For that reason, we’ve created this simple social media checklist. This is for people who regularly post on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We didn’t want to overwhelm you and put every single digital platform known to man. Use this as a place to get started.

Print it out, keep it on your desk, hand it out to your team, and send it to a friend.

You can download the file (for printing and whatnot) by clicking here. Below is an image you can save to your phone or computer.

Social Media Checklist

Keep pushing out content and growing your business!

-The Brick Team

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