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Brick Media is a social media agency headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

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Do These 3 Things Describe Your Business?

We work with established businesses that want to maximize their opportunities by having a modern, consistent social media presence. If this sounds like you, we might be a perfect match!


Established business, already generating revenue


Lacks a consistent and thoughtful social presence


Seeking a long-term external social media partner

"Brick Media has always provided my firm with not just the right now, but a long term, innovative marketing vision."
Ryan Cappy
President of Cappy Law

Fun Fact

Cappy Law was Brick Media’s FIRST client in company history, and they are still with us today – over 5 years later. That is the level of trust we strive for.

Hire an Agency that Leads with Integrity

What we do at Brick Media is important, but the way we do things matters even more. These values are our compass as we navigate our business.

Brick By Brick

We choose the right way over the easy way. Every decision we make goes through this filter.

People Over Money

We care less about money and more about what people say about us behind closed doors.

Forever Curious

We execute passionately on what we believe in now, but we stay ready for what’s next.

Humble Confidence

We operate at a high level, but we treat everyone with respect and stay open to new ideas.

We're One of Tampa's First 4 Day Work Week Companies

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