Social Media Management Services

Elevate your social media presence with Brick Media. We manage over 60 clients on a monthly basis and we bring our social media expertise to your business.

Social Media Services

Our social media management services are built for today.

Brick Media helps your business navigate the ever-changing world that is social media.

Social media changes constantly. Yesterday was different than today. Tomorrow will be different than today. We execute in the current moment because it maximizes the relevance and reach of our clients.

At Brick, we don’t believe in simply chasing likes and followers. Our social media management services are centered around cultivating a true audience. This is done by providing value, focusing on relevance, and creating content that leaves a lasting impression.

Social Media Platforms We Manage

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Note: These options may change over time. We evolve quickly with the times, so our strategies and recommendations depend on the realities of the current social media landscape. Our most common social media management services over the past few years have been Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The others have fluctuated as new platforms and features emerge, and as consumer behavior changes.

The Brick Difference

We Monitor Every Minute.

Every day, we are evaluating the social space to enhance our social media management services, and to maximize the reach and relevance of your business. Platforms are constantly evolving, and acting on small nuances can make huge a impact. Instead of waiting 6-12 months to capitalize on a trend, we take action right when it's happening.

The audience has to enjoy your content, and it has to be posted frequently enough for them to actually remember. We create and distribute a high volume of content, but in a way that is laser-focused on the consumer's wants and needs. The result? Quantity and quality, not one or the other.

We see social media as a place to build brand, versus treating it as a direct sales channel. Of course, the overall goal is that your social media audience eventually converts into a sale or a referral source for you. However, building a compelling brand will attract customers to you, versus you having to sell to them.

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