Collaboration Opportunities

We have plenty of exciting opportunities to work with you!

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Ways to Get Involved with Brick Media:

Content Shoot Models & Participants: Join the fun of Brick client content shoots! Some involve compensation, but not all opportunities are paid. They are always a great opportunity to network, have a good time, and meet other creative and ambitious people.

Freelance Content Creators: Apply to be a freelance photographer, videographer, or social media content creator in our network. We sometimes have extra work and special situations pop up where we need an extra hand.

UGC Content Creators: There are often situations where our clients are looking for people to showcase their products in services via user generated content videos.

Social Media Influencers: Partner with us as a social media influencer and help us expand the reach of our clients. Our clients are often seeking influencers for collaborations, giveaways, long-term partnerships and more.

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