10 Types of ChatGPT Prompts Every Marketer Should Know

10 Types of ChatGPT Prompts Every Marketer Should Know

August 15, 2023

At Brick Media, we’re firm believers that marketers should be at the forefront of new technology and need to be able to adapt to change in our industry. With new tools such as ChatGPT and platform additions, like Threads, joining the mix, it’s important to stay open-minded and keep a pulse on what audiences will be adopting. 

Staying ahead of the curve requires embracing innovative tools that empower creativity and efficiency. Enter ChatGPT – an exceptional AI-powered resource that’s not only transforming the way we communicate, but also revolutionizing how marketers generate fresh ideas, craft compelling content, and develop engaging campaigns. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the exciting realm of leveraging ChatGPT prompts for marketing assistance. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing professional or just embarking on your journey, these ChatGPT prompts can serve as a valuable asset in your marketing toolkit:

  1. Content Idea Generation:
  • “Suggest three unique content ideas for our next blog post related to [topic/industry].”
  • “Generate a list of five catchy headlines for an upcoming product launch.”
  • “Brainstorm creative ways to repurpose our existing content for different platforms.”
  1. Audience Engagement:
  • “Come up with an interactive poll question to ask our followers about their preferences in [product/service].”
  • “Create a conversational social media post that encourages users to share their favorite [related topic].”
  1. Product Descriptions:
  • “Write a compelling product description for our new [product], highlighting its key features and benefits.”
  • “Craft a short and engaging elevator pitch for our [service] that resonates with our target audience.”
  1. Email Campaigns:
  • “Generate a subject line that grabs attention for our upcoming newsletter about [theme].”
  • “Write a teaser paragraph for an email campaign promoting our exclusive offer.”
  1. Social Media Ads:
  • “Draft a concise and impactful ad copy for a Facebook ad showcasing our [product] to a [specific demographic].”
  • “Create an attention-grabbing headline and description for an Instagram-sponsored post about our latest [promotion].”
  1. Content Calendar Planning:
  • “Help us outline a content calendar for the next month, including blog topics, social media posts, and email campaigns.”
  • “Suggest a series of themed posts for our #ThrowbackThursday content for the next quarter.”
  1. Customer Testimonials:
  • “Write a testimonial from a satisfied customer who recently used our [product/service] and achieved remarkable results.”
  • “Craft a short customer success story highlighting how our [product/service] solved a specific pain point.”
  1. Social Media Challenges:
  • “Create a fun and engaging challenge idea that encourages users to showcase their creativity while using our [product/service].”
  • “Develop a hashtag campaign that motivates our followers to share their favorite ways to use our [product/service].”
  1. Educational Content:
  • “Provide a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use [feature] in our [product].”
  • “Write a brief educational post explaining the importance of [industry trend] and how it impacts our audience.”
  1. Event Promotion:
  • “Craft a series of social media posts to build excitement for our upcoming [event], highlighting key speakers and topics.”
  • “Create a teaser video script to promote our virtual workshop on [topic], emphasizing its value for attendees.”

Remember to customize these prompts according to your brand, target audience, and marketing goals. Experiment with different variations and adapt the generated content to align with your unique voice and messaging. 

The marketing industry is constantly evolving and it’s our responsibility as marketers to know how to use new tools and platforms as they’ll ultimately have an effect on our clients and ourselves. We hope these ChatGPT prompts were helpful and if you need some guidance you know where to find us!

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