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Introducing our exciting consulting offerings!

We understand you may not be ready to hire us for a monthly social media package. However, we have these offerings to get you started and offer one-off help.

Consulting Offerings

Brick Brainstorms ™ | 2 Hours (In-Person)

A Brick Brainstorm is a 2 hour in-person session where we will go through your current social media and online presence. We will discuss new ideas to ensure you are maximizing your opportunities in the digital and social space. There will also be time for Q&A and open brainstorming. You will get an Action Plan sent to you afterwards.

The audience has to enjoy it, and it has to be often enough for them to remember. We create and distribute a high volume of content, but in a way that is laser-focused on the consumer's wants and needs. The result? Quantity and quality, not one or the other.

Social media is more about building a brand than being a salesperson. To build an engaged audience that enjoys seeing your posts, we begin our social media strategy at the consumer level, then work backwards to bring them value.

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