The Importance of Building an Authentic Brand

The Importance of Building an Authentic Brand

by Jake
March 17, 2022

In the growing social media space, one of the biggest challenges that new businesses face is differentiating from their competition.  For a new or hopeful business owner, it can feel like the market you are competing in or wishing to enter is too saturated to be successful.  This is where brand authenticity matters most. 

Brand authenticity is what will separate your brand from competitors – even when you are operating in the same industry, or even offering the same product/service. 

An authentic brand operates on honesty and transparency.  

Customers receive messages from the company through social media posts, online advertisements, or the company’s website to name a few.  An authentic brand aims to deliver an honest message to the current or potential customer.   

Here are a few reasons that brand authenticity is important:

  1. A customer that trusts your brand is more likely to choose your brand.  
  1. You are able to add value to your product or service.  
  1. You are able to differentiate your brand from competition –  even in saturated markets. 

So… how do we build brand authenticity?  Brick Media has a few tips that you can use to build an authentic brand.

  • Start with your “WHY”

Setting your mission and vision statements can be overwhelming, but the perfect mission and vision is one that describes WHY your brand is offering a product or service  (or a selection of either/both).

Maybe you have a passion for the industry you are in, or you are helping a cause that is close to your heart.  

Build your message around the story behind your brand.  Be transparent with your audience about WHY your brand exists.  People love and connect to STORIES and more specifically – a brand that feels human.  

  • Avoid being “Sales-y”

Nobody likes to be sold to.  People love a brand that has a personality and feels human.  You can do this by incorporating feel-good content, client stories, or even jumping on social media trends.  

Alter your message to consumers to focus less on the tangible offerings, and focus more on the feelings that your brand brings to them.  

  • CONNECTION is key.    

Stop viewing your target market as just a business opportunity.  Real people are behind your list of ideal customer profiles.  Start thinking of how you can CONNECT with them in a genuine way.  

When your marketing efforts are focused on building that connection, you will generate sales more easily.  A brand that people can connect to will gain an organic following, and with that comes organic engagement.  

For example, Wendy’s Twitter page is focused very little on promoting their famous 4 for $4 options, and more on connecting to the consumers who will purchase from them.  Wendy’s went viral for their #NationalRoastDay where they “roasted” or “dissed” other brands, and in turn received recognition on the Today Show for their tweets.

The takeaway is that brand authenticity is the strong foundation for a successful future.  When your brand is one that the consumer can connect to, you are more likely to develop a loyal customer base and receive recurring purchases for your product or service. 

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