Threads Is Here, and We’re Now Offering It for Brick Media Clients

Threads Is Here, and We’re Now Offering It for Brick Media Clients

by Jake
July 6, 2023

Greetings fellow marketers and business owners!

If you haven’t heard about it already, we are excited to introduce you to the newest app in the social media sphere – Threads.

Picture this as a friendly competitor to Twitter, with a delightful fusion of attributes reminiscent of both Twitter and Instagram.

This app is an ingenious creation of Meta, the distinguished company that also brought Facebook and Instagram into our lives. Threads has carved a niche for itself by allowing succinct posts of up to 500 characters, making it a seamless blend between Twitter’s brevity and Instagram’s flair.

Remarkably, Threads received a standing ovation on its debut with an impressive 30 million users joining the platform on the very first day!

Let’s dive into some key highlights that make Threads an exciting addition to the social media landscape:

  • Synchronized with Instagram: Threads effortlessly integrates with your existing Instagram account and retains your Instagram username, ensuring a unified presence across platforms.
  • Easy Follow Integration: Threads allows for an automatic sync of your Instagram following list, effectively enabling you to follow your Instagram connections on Threads. This feature propels your network growth as mutual following ensues.
  • Versatile Content Sharing: Threads is a platform that offers all types of content creation. Whether you wish to articulate through text, share links, or captivate with images and videos, Threads caters to all, in a social media landscape that has been catering heavily to short-form video.
  • A Welcoming Ambiance: The atmosphere on Threads exudes friendliness and authenticity. Mark Zuckerberg has articulated his vision for maintaining this welcoming environment, though the journey ahead will be the true litmus test.

At Brick Media, we are currently exploring the world of Threads. Our team has been closely monitoring its features and contemplating strategies to incorporate Threads into our suite of services for both existing and prospective clients. We already had multiple conversations on Slack and Zoom, and we are ready to harness the potential of Threads.

It will be an amazing addition to the social media presence of our clients.

We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey as we embrace Threads with open arms. Your feedback and experiences with Threads would be great to hear.

Here’s to new beginnings with Threads!

If you’re interested in potentially hiring us as your social media agency (and maybe even including Threads management) – tap this link to talk to us soon!

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