10 Fresh Social Media Post Ideas

10 Fresh Social Media Post Ideas

October 6, 2021

Sometimes it is easy to feel uninspired, but social media content is all around us! Here are ten post ideas to freshen up your page.

1. Ask Followers What They Want

Interact with clients and gain insight by posting a poll, a “this or that” or even a suggestion box. Analyze the responses and follow through.

2. Tell Followers How Not to Need Your Service

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, providing relevant information and being a resource will give value. Think about your consumers’ wants and needs and prioritize informational content over promotional content. For example, a law firm giving advice on how to avoid certain legal issues.

3. Memes

You can have a serious business and still post some fun content! Memes are a creative and engaging way to visually get a point across and cause some laughs.

4. Repurpose a Post That Performed Well

If you have a great graphic, picture, or video clip that performed well, use it again! You can “recycle” the image or video by giving it a new purpose or context.

5. Share Something Local

Post something going on in your community or city that has nothing to do with your business. This shows that you are human and care about what is going on around you outside of work.

6. Team Member Testimony

Ask your employees what their favorite aspect of your business is, what they enjoy most about their job and so on. Their answers will reveal the culture of your business, the value it provides, and sharing it will show these features to your audience.

7. Micro-Content from a Longer Piece of Content

Take a short clip from a longer video, a quote from a written piece, or a good takeaway from a podcast. Sharing bite-sized information will be more impactful on social media where every post is competing for attention.

8. Client Spotlights

Share the work that you are doing with a client. Show that your products and services are effective and bring attention to the work you have done in the form of a video, graphic, or image.

9. Create a Series

Having a series is a great way to post cohesive and consistent content. Some series examples include a “Tip of the Week” where you share tidbits of information with followers or even “Flashback Fridays” where you reflect on a past event or post a throwback.

10. Encouragement, Motivation, Inspiration

A “Happy Monday” or “Happy Holidays” can go a long way in humanizing your business. Quotes, well wishes, and even mottos are great ways to encourage your followers and create a page that not only informs but inspires.  

When brainstorming social media content, don’t overthink it. If you have something to say, say it! Social media can be a lot of trial and error, so don’t be afraid to try something new and fresh.

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