3 Tips for Marketing a Business on LinkedIn

3 Tips for Marketing a Business on LinkedIn

by Jake
June 15, 2021

Marketing your business on social media platforms is a concept that has grown and become much more popular. In society today, it has become essential to understand social media and how to use it to your advantage for your business. Here, we will focus on how to market your business on LinkedIn specifically. According to LinkedIn, there are more than 750 million professionals on the site and 4 out of 5 members drive business decisions. LinkedIn can be a valuable resource to grow your business… here are some tips on marketing a business on LinkedIn: 

  1. Post valuable content that would help your audience. Think about their wants and needs. People go on LinkedIn looking to learn, get tips, and network with other professionals. If you can teach them or keep them informed with the happenings in your industry, you will become a thought leader.
  1. Keep your tone slightly more professional, as LinkedIn is not as casual as other social media platforms. Keep in mind that people use this platform with business and opportunity in mind. Respect the psychology of the user on the platform. Don’t treat it like Instagram, use less emojis, and know who you are communicating with. Always find a way to tie your content back to “work” or “business” somehow.
  1. Don’t spam people. Right now, there seems to be a surplus of spam messages flooding everyone’s inbox. Be fresh and stand out by just posting valuable content and not bothering people in their messages, unless it’s valuable or you’re genuinely trying to connect. Always “zig” when everybody else “zags”. Find unique ways to make connections rather than being another spam message.

Once your business page and brand is established, you could use LinkedIn Ads. You can utilize features such as sponsored content, sponsored messages, text ads, and dynamic ads. Marketing your business on LinkedIn is a valuable resource to be familiar with. It is a way to engage with other professionals in your industry and generate more leads when done effectively.

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