7 Social Media Post Ideas to Try Now

7 Social Media Post Ideas to Try Now

by Jake
March 17, 2020

Keeping your audience wondering what is to come next with your content is one of the best ways to keep viewers engaged. Offering a variety of posts will increase traffic through your pages.

Here are a few different suggestions and ideas. Try them out for your business. Who knows what the audience will enjoy!

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Sometimes, people just want to read something and stay on the platform.

Avoiding photos, external links, and other elements to take away from information you are trying to post. It’s a quick way to deliver a thought or information without causing friction for the end user.

An uplifting graphic

Things like “Motivational Monday” never get old. Having a positive graphic quote, picture, or message to post every once in a while allows your company to show what you stand for outside of your own branding.

It’s also just a nice thing to come across.

Making people feel “warm and fuzzy” about your brand is never a bad thing.


A video, short or long

Both short and longer videos can captivate your audience, sometimes more than a picture. Posting commercials, event promos, and behind the scenes videos of your company can gage a new group of viewers.

Plus, it switches up the content so the entire account has some motion and movement. It breathes life into your social media profiles and brings things to life.

A question for the audience

Posts that people can interact with are always a good idea. Asking your followers a question will prompt them to interact directly with you bringing more attention to your page.

For example, if you are a Business Law Firm, you might have a post asking the audience “Who is a local entrepreneur you look up to?” and ask them to tag somebody in the comments that inspires them.

This will not only increase post engagement, but it will get those business owners looking at your page.

A picture showing people

Picture of products are great but smiling faces can be more effective. Including pictures of people, both employees and happy customers, can take your page to the next level.

People, as much as they like to act like they don’t, actually love other people.

You will notice your posts probably get more engagement when a person is involved in the picture or video.

A meme or GIF

Being trendy and posting either a meme or a GIF with a comment relating to your company will demonstrate your social media fluency.

Following trends is a difficult task and having relatable funny posts on your page will definitely impress your viewers.

It’s just a lightweight, fun way to communicate a message. This is especially effective if you are in an industry that is traditionally dry or boring to the outside world.

A poorly lit, raw photo or video

There is no such thing as perfection. Posting a few images that don’t necessarily have the best lighting is OKAY. Try it sometime.

The key here is to just get comfortable posting things that are less produced and “perfect” because you don’t know what your audience will like in the first place.

Not every post has to be perfectly lit, on-brand. Who knows, a super poorly lit or phone-quality video might perform better because it seems more real.


You never know what the audience will enjoy or connect with. You might have ideas or thoughts about what people like, but until you try, you don’t know.

There could be something that absolutely crushes, and to find out, you just need to be willing to try.


As always, feel free to share this post with your network!


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