5 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media During the Holidays

5 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media During the Holidays

by Jake
December 11, 2021

As we dive into the season often known as “the most wonderful time of the year,” it’s important to make sure your business steps up its’ social media game during the holidays to make your audience merry and bright.

Here are a few ways to use the holidays as an opportunity to humanize your brand, show off another side of your business, and connect more personally with your customers, clients, and patients.

  1. Holiday Themed Memes

While memes are mainly used for fun and entertainment, they can be interesting from a marketing perspective too. Why? They tend to go viral as they resonate and gain momentum and exposure. What a fun way to show off some humor while making it festive & brand related!

  1. 12 Days of Something

The idea can be implemented in every type of content mentioned here. Create a post series of holiday tips on a theme related to your brand. For instance, a clothing store may gain new customers from a series of “12 Days of Holiday Outfits” posts. 

pssst… Don’t forget to hashtag your marketing campaign!

  1. Let’s Talk Gift Guides.

One of the best ways to reach holiday shoppers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. is to create posts or boards with unique gift ideas that include your products/services. Share your holiday gift guide, share holiday gift guides from other small businesses, or team up with some of your favorite local brands to create a local gift guide!

  1. Share Company Photos

Use the holiday season as an opportunity to show parts of your business that are otherwise hidden from your customers, clients, or patients. Some examples include: candid photos from your holiday party, a behind-the-scenes look at how your business prepares for the holiday season, images of your holiday decorations, or videos of you decorating for the holidays.

  1. Make It Relatable

Use your social media to show how your products or services relate to the season. For instance, a doctor’s office could create content about how to avoid germs while at holiday parties, while a clothing retailer could create a style guide for the holidays and feature items from their holiday line.

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