Marketing Industry Updates (October 28, 2021)

Marketing Industry Updates (October 28, 2021)

October 28, 2021

Welcome to our new blog series where we focus on Marketing Industry Updates. Follow along for relevant industry updates, marketing insights, and social media ideas.

The more you know, the better you can serve your customers and grow your business.

Here are a few things we found interesting and insightful for this segment of Marketing Industry Updates. Feel free to share this post with a friend or colleague!

  1. Instagram is slowly adopting elements and features seen on video-based platforms and is moving away from their traditional feed. Social Media Today announced that Instagram is testing longer videos in stories and new stories-to-reel links as part of broader video integration. Instagram stories up to 60 seconds will no longer be broken up into smaller segments, meaning that Instagram reels can now be fully shared on stories without being cut off.  
  2. With this new way to merge Instagram reels and stories, Influencer Marketing Hub provided a guide to mastering Instagram reels for businesses and creators. In the guide you can find a summary of the features used in creating reels, a breakdown of the Instagram algorithm, content ideas and even a frequently asked questions section.
  3. Instagram has fully rolled out the ability to collaborate on posts, which means content can be posted on two separate accounts and share comments/likes. This new feature will allow content to be seen by both creators’ audiences simultaneously!
  4. The power of video content is clear, so how do we make the best content? Twitter shared some video creation and inspiration tips, and in this infographic they provide a brief checklist to help content creators get the most out of their videos. With limited time to grab your audience’s attention and these tips can help you make the most effective clip.

Our Biggest Takeaway

Many social media sites are continuing to integrate more video content into their platforms. Knowing how to use it to your advantage will help your business’ social media presence stay fresh, modern and engaging!

Keep building, brick by brick!

-The Brick Media Team

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