Hiring a Freelance Social Media Manager vs. a Marketing Agency

Hiring a Freelance Social Media Manager vs. a Marketing Agency

October 1, 2021

So, you want to hire someone to help step up your company’s social media game, that’s great! But with so many agencies and freelancers out there, who do you go with? Every business is different, so it is important that you find the best fit for your goals.

Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies consist of a team whose roles, expertise, and specializations center around building brand value and getting a business’s name out there. The size and prices of marketing agencies can vary, so it is vital you consider these factors when choosing one to work with.

Marketing agencies are made up of individuals with skills in different areas, such as graphic design, social media or branding. Therefore, you can expect the team to be well rounded and proficient in multiple areas. Having a team of people also means that they may have more ideas, opinions, and strategies to work with. Hiring an agency can be expensive for brand new and smaller businesses. However, for the right market segment, they can be great investment for growing a digital presence.

Freelance Social Media Manager

Hiring a freelance social media manager can also be a solid option for businesses. Freelancers take care of the day-to-day posting, monitoring, and content creation for their clients. They work as independent contractor and are not employees. Freelancers are typically more affordable; however, credibility and skill can range. It is essential to understand the freelancer’s experience level and capabilities.

Working with a freelancer offers flexibility. Since you are only communicating with one person, it is easier for quick updates and information exchanges. However, your freelancer may have multiple clients they are working with, so it could be harder to reach them. This could be a good option for smaller businesses who just want to begin a social media presence or get established.

Next Steps

If you have decided that you want a social media presence, you are setting your business up for success. Marketing agencies and freelance social media managers serve different market points and can offer value if the company is the right match for their specializations. Weigh your goals, do your research, and choose the best fit for your business.

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