Low-key Content in a High-Def World

Low-key Content in a High-Def World

April 23, 2024

One of the easiest ways to see how quickly technology has developed in the last 20 years is by looking at social media. In the beginning, it was a way to connect with friends and share photos taken on cell phones. While it still serves that purpose, it has also evolved into a very powerful marketing tool. With this, photo-sharing has morphed into “content creation,” and the bar for what businesses should post has skyrocketed.

We recognize the demand for high-quality content for our clients, and in response, we have been integrating more professional video and photo content into our services. As we continue to evolve with the dynamic nature of the field, we ask ourselves: does casual content still have a place in the mix for businesses?

You Can Still BeReal

Social media is becoming increasingly curated and professional, but among this wave, casual content still thrives.

This idea can be seen in the BeReal popularity spike. BeReal is an app that soared in popularity in 2020. Its premise is candid, spontaneous posting at random times—entirely different from what social media has become known for.

Timely and candid posting still has a place for businesses and can perform very well.

Waiting days or even just hours to try and perfect a post can sometimes take away the punch.

Like they say, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” Find moments that can be shared spontaneously. It can take time to get into the mindset that everything can be content, but once you do, it becomes apparent. 


  • It’s a team member’s birthday; snap a photo of them and write a nice caption.
  • You’re on a well-deserved vacation; share a sight you saw with a quick note about how you’re feeling refreshed.
  • You ordered new t-shirts for your employees; take a group photo repping your new merchandise.
  • You just started working with a new client. The next time you meet with them, take a selfie, and share a message about how much you’re enjoying the partnership.
  • You just cleaned up your desk space. Post a picture and caption about feeling organized and ready to tackle the day.

Don’t Compromise Quantity for Quality.

There is no perfect ratio of iPhone content to high-quality content, but a mixture of both is typically the most effective strategy.

Using an iPhone over expensive equipment that requires professional editing allows businesses to put out more content. It may take days to film and edit a high-definition video, but it only takes minutes to shoot a reel on an iPhone.

For many of our clients, we mix professional photography and videography with iPhone content such as reels. This allows us to post more frequently and stay within our clients’ production budgets. High-quality content is a great way to increase the professionalism of your page and create an aesthetic vibe, and combined with iPhone content, it leads to a strategy that prioritizes both quality and quantity.


While high-quality, professional content may still be on the rise, casual content, both in theme and medium, is still extremely valuable. It’s all about finding the right balance that fits time and budget needs.

If you are looking for guidance on your social media strategy, help with content creation, or want professional content, Brick Media is here for you!

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