Brick Media’s 4-Day Work Week Is Now Permanent (After Successful Test)

Brick Media’s 4-Day Work Week Is Now Permanent (After Successful Test)

by Jake
April 3, 2023

Big news at Brick Media!

We’re thrilled to announce that starting now (April 2023), Brick Media will be adopting a four-day work week as a permanent part of our business model.

This decision comes after a successful pilot program from January 1st to March 31st, 2023, where our employees experienced increased productivity and better work-life balance, and we were still able to deliver exceptional social media services to our clients.

We’ve actually gained several clients since January, and so far we’re on track to grow by at least 50% from 2022. It’s only been three months having every Friday off, but we are seeing zero signs of interruption, client issues, or decreased productivity.

Our CEO, Jake Kurtz, had this to say about the decision: “Promoting work-life balance and creating a supportive work environment is a priority for us at Brick Media, and we’re excited to make the four-day work week a permanent part of our business model. We hope that our decision will inspire other businesses to prioritize their employees’ well-being as well.”

As far as productivity goes, our company is less focused on specific “hours worked” and more on the work output itself. When our clients are happy and our team is happy, we are in a good place. Of course, we may need to occasionally work a little longer Monday through Thursday, but our team members are happy with that tradeoff. Many of us have family and friends in different cities, and it makes it easier to go have a long weekend trip, for example. Others are using the extra day off for being outside, enjoying hobbies, and exercising.

It’s also important to note that the social media industry is “always on” in some ways. Content is posted any day of the week, depending on the client and their industry. With the 4-day work week, we are simply treating Friday like we’d treat a Saturday – off, but still available to post content and handle emergencies.

At Brick Media, we recognize that work-life balance is crucial to the well-being of our team. We’re committed to always being a supportive employer that values the happiness and success of our team members, and we’re thrilled to be making this innovative move to a four-day workweek.

We’re grateful that the initial announcement of our four-day workweek pilot program has been covered by various local news stations, as well as the Tampa Bay Times. This decision highlights our commitment to our employees and our clients, and we’re excited to continue delivering amazing social media services while also promoting a healthy balance for our team.

Keep up with Brick Media as we continue to innovate in the social media industry, but also in regards to how we approach work culture. Cheers!

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