Seasonal Slowdown and Social Media

Seasonal Slowdown and Social Media

June 27, 2024

The kids are home from school, some employees are out on vacation, and business is slowing down as the fiscal year ends. Many businesses experience seasonal slowdown in the summer months and enter a period of reassessment and planning simultaneously. In this period, it is essential to evaluate your social strategy to prepare for the year ahead and to combat the seasonal slowdown cost-effectively.

5 Tips to Combat Seasonal Slowdown with Social Media:

  1. Reallocate some of your marketing budget to social media to get a better bang for your buck compared to other channels.
  2. Run some retargeting ads on social to re-engage users who have already interacted with your brand and consider giving them an epic offer.
  3. Post short-form videos. Study trends and give people a reason to stop and scroll. These videos can get massive reach without ad spend
  4. Make summer-specific content. If you’re a lawyer, highlight legal risks that rise in the summer. If you’re an insurance agency, talk about the importance of having proper food and weather-related coverage. If you’re a retail store or restaurant, show off products that are perfect for the warmer weather.
  5. 5. Batch content for future use. While business is slower than usual, use this time to create a plethora of content that you can use when business picks up and you have less time to dedicate to it.

Seasonal slowdown can seem like a bad thing at first, but if you take advantage of it, you can reap benefits for your business. This slower period can also be a great time to analyze what is working and what needs to be reevaluated. Take some time to look back at previous content and identify what has resonated with your audience. Many platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, have great insights tools that provide analytics on your pages. As you create more content going forward, keep that information in mind!

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