Google Reviews for Business: Why Your Business Needs Them and How to Get Them

Google Reviews for Business: Why Your Business Needs Them and How to Get Them

September 22, 2021

Why do Google Reviews Matter?

5 stars, 3 stars, no stars, does it really affect your business?


Customers often rely on Google reviews to help decide where to go, and previous testimonials influence their decisions. They attract newcomers, build credibility, and install a sense of confidence in the experience at your business. Lead potential customers to your business through positive and updated ratings.

Up to 92% of consumers will look at online reviews before visiting a business. So how can you ensure that your business is getting these recommendations?

3 Tips on Getting Google Reviews:

1. Call to Action

Most customers are willing to give their comments and opinions, so don’t be afraid to ask for them! There are several ways to do this including running a google review email campaign or asking on social media.

2. Make it Part of the Checkout Routine

Incorporate leaving a review as part of the process when customers use your business. Whether it’s on the bottom of a receipt, in an email or SMS, or on a tablet as consumers are checking out, ask how their experience was in a timely manner to the transaction. 

3. Respond to Existing Reviews

If your business already has Google recommendations, reply to them with a thank you and positively reinforce this behavior. Showing customers that you value their feedback and business will encourage future reviews and show onlookers that you care.

As you work on getting more reviews, make sure to encourage honest opinions. People consider what others have to say, and these remarks will build your credibility and bring in more business!

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