Tampa Business Spotlight: Randy Malluk

Tampa Business Spotlight: Randy Malluk

by Allison
March 17, 2020


Written by Allison Koehler, freelance writer for Brick Media

Randy Malluk


Randy Malluk is a data man.

From analytics to machine learning and A.I., Malluk’s expertise is widely recognized within the data science industry.

A career that began in 2007 as a senior analyst for Toys“R”Us in New York City brought him south to Tampa Bay in 2016 to further expand his experience with Fortune 500 companies.

For the St. Petersburg-based digital marketing agency, Triad Retail Media, Malluk was senior vice president of business intelligence, data science, analytics and insights. It was for Triad that he built and managed the analytics center and led the largest analytics team in the southeast United States. For its eCommerce, digital marketing, and finance sectors, he spearheaded significant next-generation initiatives in audience targeting, demand modeling, and online-to-offline measurement.

In February, Malluk was appointed CEO and chief data analytics officer of Insights Analytics, a trusted partner in data-driven business solutions. In this dual role, he leads a team of more than 600 data practitioners in the development and delivery of analysis, testing, research, reporting, data science. Insights Analytics has a global team of data practitioners with deep career experience with an impressive list of brands that includes AT&T, Frito Lay, Google, Hershey, NBCUniversal, and the Walt Disney Company.

Beyond Insights

Malluk holds a master’s level post-graduate professional certification in marketing management from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ramapo College at the Anisfield School of Business, New Jersey.

Additionally, Malluk serves as an advisor and member among several boards, including the consumer brand advisory board for Jaguar Land Rover North America and the advisory board for digital marketing for the University of South Florida Muma College of Business.

Scan Malluk’s received LinkedIn recommendations, and you’ll find the words “innovative business leader,” “exceptional analytics skills,” “industry expert,” and “great mentor” peppered throughout.

It seems Malluk was born to do this. After all, you can’t spell Randy without a-n(alytics).


Brick Media sat down with Malluk to do a quick Q&A:


Q. What’s your main responsibility in the role of CEO and Chief Analytics Officer?

A. I lead the company’s entire data analytics practice and oversee all operations, including finance, sales, strategic planning, and corporate development.


Q. What is your biggest business or work-related challenge? What’s something you battle on a daily basis?

A. Driving growth and differentiation. Finding opportunities in market where we can make a really significant impact with clients who know they need to step up their analytics game and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.


Q. What is your biggest piece of advice for people aspiring to be in your position?

A. Work hard, believe in yourself, never compromise your integrity, and be the leader you always wished you had.


Q. What’s something you want to be remembered for?

A. Helping others.


Q. What is the biggest difference between business in 2019 versus business in 2009? What has been a major shift you’ve noticed in the past decade?

A. The major advancements in data and analytics capabilities, tools, and platforms. The industry has expended by a factor of 10.


Q. What’s your personal favorite social media platform?

A. LinkedIn


Q. What 2 words would the people closest to you use to describe you?

A. Loyal and caring


Q. If you could have lunch with one person for 60 minutes (dead or alive) who would it be?

A. Benjamin Franklin


Q. Which do you like more, dogs or cats?

A. Dogs (no contest!)


Q. Favorite hobby outside of work?

A. Boating, fishing, and the beach


Q. Name one of your biggest guilty pleasures.

A. Ordering takeout



Connect with Randy Malluk on LinkedIn.

Check out the Insights Analytics blog here.



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