Tampa Business Spotlight: Misty & Dennis Akers of The Candle Pour

Tampa Business Spotlight: Misty & Dennis Akers of The Candle Pour

by Allison
March 17, 2020

Dennis and Misty Akers, founders and owners of The Candle Pour

(Dennis and Misty Akers, founders and owners of The Candle Pour)


What could be better than giving the gift of a custom candle this holiday?

The Candle Pour is the place to go.

This spring, it became Tampa’s first pour-your-own candle experience and has enjoyed great success since.



The Hyde Park shop offers hundreds of premium fragrances to get lost in. Hundreds of fragrances equal endless combinations – choose a handful of scents that speak to your senses. The result is a one-of-a-kind gift that will keep those lucky recipients raving.




Candles are made from natural soy wax, pure oils, and cotton wicks for a clean burn every time. Year-round fragrances range from agave to watermelon, and seasonal options include candy cane, Santa’s pipe, and gingerbread.

Products aren’t limited to candles, either. Reed diffusers, linen spray, room spray, body spray, wax melts, and essential are flameless options convenient for dwellings with kids and pets. The oils are additive-free – fantastic for those with sensitive skin.

Come Together

Founders/owners Misty and Dennis Akers envisioned The Candle Pour as a place that would bring people together for an exceptional guest experience. They’ve hit the nail on the head. From the moment you walk in, the adventure is interactive, social, and oh so Insta-worthy.




The bonus?

If burned properly (a candle care card is provided), the candles can last for 60-90 hours. But when that last flame is lit, no need to shed a tear. Head back to The Candle Pour, where you know your next candle will be just as good as the last – because you created it.

Bring a friend or five for an unforgettable time. Bring your colleagues for some serious team building.

No reservations are necessary. Gift cards are available for purchase here.

The Candle Pour is located on the second floor of Hyde Park Village, above Paper Source.


Brick Media did a quick Q&A to get more fun details:

Q. What’s your main responsibility in your role as founders/owners of The Candle Pour?

Misty: As an owner, my husband and I wear many and all hats.  We are very active in every aspect of our business. We oversee all of the operations, sales, marketing, HR, events, etc., while working beside our team in the day to day operations in our shop.

Dennis: To help building a customer experience that is positive and fulfilling. Go above and beyond to hopefully be the best part of their day.

Q. What is your biggest business or work-related challenge? What’s something you battle on a daily basis?

Misty: My biggest challenge is finding a balance in admin duties, as well as being present while we are open for business. We have a lot of responsibilities outside of the normal operations, but our customers have to come first. We are also learning a new work-life balance with our two children (one three years old and our daughter just turned 1), which has been a challenge mentally and physically.

Dennis: Emails. I am horrible at emails. Misty is the brains behind 99% of this, and I help make the customer experience fun and exciting. I also move heavy boxes…ha!

Q. What is your biggest piece of advice for people aspiring to be in your position?

Misty: Run. Just kidding. I would say the #1 thing is only hire people who you believe in and who believe in you and your company.

Dennis: Find a partner who will be there with you every step of the way. Many late nights are made easier with someone to bounce ideas off and vent a little too. 🙂

Q. What’s something you want to be remembered for?

Misty: Career and personal growth for our employees are very important to me. I would like to be remembered for providing a great foundation to our team in their careers. Whether it be with The Candle Pour or another company, I hope they carry something they learned from us with them and become stronger as business professionals.

Dennis: Being the best part of someone’s day. Period.

Q. What is the biggest difference between business in 2019 versus business in 2009? What has been a major shift you’ve noticed in the past decade?

Misty: Being able to know what is going on with anyone, anywhere at any time. Social media has totally transformed business and customers. As a business, there is very little room for error. As soon as you make a mistake, the world could know about it within minutes. On the other hand, customers have the power of sharing their experiences with others as they happen. As a new business, it has been an amazing blessing for us to help get the word out about who we are and what we do. In 2009, it would have taken several years to get the visibility we have had after just six months.

Dennis: Emphasis on social media for marketing. We have the opportunity to treat everyone who comes in our shop as an “influencer”. If we provide a fun/unique/memorable experience, our customers are likely to share. I think we have to treat everyone like they have 200,000+ followers. If you do the math, each one of our customers has around 500-800 followers. Multiply that by the amount of customers each month, and you’ve surpassed any paid influencer. This is a double-edged sword, too, though. Our customers can share their positive experiences instantly, but they can also share something that didn’t go right instantly, too. It’s a major challenge, but again…if we try to be THE BEST PART of someone’s day…we should be good to go 🙂

Q. What’s your personal favorite social media platform?

Misty: Instagram

Dennis: Instagram

Q. What two words would the people closest to you use to describe you?

Misty: Loyal, organized

Dennis: Caring. Thoughtful.

Q. If you could have lunch with one person for 60 minutes (dead or alive), who would it be?

Misty: My father

Dennis: Matt Damon

Q. Which do you like more, dogs or cats?

Misty: Dogs

Dennis: Dogs

Q. Favorite hobby outside of work?

Misty: It used to be traveling.  With two small kids and a new business, that doesn’t happen too often.  I love watching our kids experience new things. It is amazing to see them grow and mature by the day.

Dennis: Photography…or sleeping…

Q. Name one of your biggest guilty pleasures.

Misty: A great glass of red wine

Dennis: Pizza



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