Sends Are the New Likes: Why Shares Matter and How to Get More

Sends Are the New Likes: Why Shares Matter and How to Get More

July 10, 2024

As a social media agency, we’re always keeping a pulse on what engagement metrics are most important. It is something that is always changing with the dynamic nature of the platforms. In summer 2024, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, shared that sends are now a key focus on Instagram. “Sends” are when someone shares a post with another person or reposts it to their story. The icon appears as a paper airplane and is located next to the like and comment symbols. This KPI is unique because it reveals more about how a post resonated with viewers as opposed to how many people it reached. This indicates a new focus on deeper engagement (liking, commenting, saving, and sharing) instead of just wide reach (views).

Ways to Increase Sends

  1. Capitalize on what’s already working. Review your analytics to see what kinds of content have been sent the most in the past and create more of it.
  2. Start with your network. After posting, send it to a few close friends or colleagues and encourage them to share with others who would find it relevant.
  3. Create shareable content, meaning content that a lot of people can resonate with or find valuable. Some examples of this would be a tip from your industry that anyone could find encouraging, informative, or entertaining.
  4. Include a call to action on your post or in the caption to share the post. These can be tailored to help you reach your target audience. For example, our CEO posted a free 31-day content calendar for business to use for July. A CTA on that post could be “send this to someone who needs to post more this month.” This is strategic because it will help the content reach people who may be seeking social media help or resources, which Brick Media provides. CTAs like this may help viewers think of people who fall into the category you’re defining.
  5. Tag relevant people and brands in your posts. This will prompt them to reshare to their stories. For example, you go to a networking event hosted by another business and post a picture of your team that attended. Tag each of the team members, the host, the venue, the caterer, and any other relevant entities!

It’s time to reprioritize the engagement metrics you look at. By following these simple steps, you can deepen the interaction you receive on your posts. If you find yourself struggling to create and manage social media content, reach out to Brick Media!

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