Tampa Business Spotlight: Tahitian Inn Hotel

Tampa Business Spotlight: Tahitian Inn Hotel

by Jake
April 17, 2020

In the heart of South Tampa sits a boutique hotel that has been a community staple for over 65 years.

The Tahitian Inn’s style evokes island living, while offering guests the convenience and comfort they could expect from an upscale hotel. They have dining, a poolside bar, cruise parking, convenient Tampa airport parking, and even private event space for weddings and group gatherings.


Tahitian Inn


We started working with Tahitian Inn earlier this year on their digital marketing. We thought it would be fun to do a quick Q&A with the one running the show, Paige Pupello, so you could get to know her (and the Tahitian Inn) a little better.


If you’re a Tampa local and want to support this local staple during this challenging time, Tahitian Inn is accepting Gift Card orders via phone at (813) 877-6721.


Q&A with the Owner:


What’s your name and title?

Paige Pupello, Owner/Operator of the Tahitian Inn Hotel (3rd Generation).


How long have you been actively in that role?

About a year and a half.


What does Tahitian Inn do?

We provide lodging for travelers and locals.


Who is your typical customer?

We have a ton of leisure travelers, as well as people traveling for business and military.


What’s the biggest challenge in business in 2020 (in your field)? How is it different than it was 5-10 years ago?

Our biggest challenge right now is getting more direct bookings. A lot of our guests book through third party booking engines that take a cut of the room night. 10 years ago we had more direct bookings, and the internet was not as huge as it is now. We were still getting a lot of direct bookings over the phone and even walk-ins.


What two words can you use to describe Tahitian Inn?

“Charming” and “Hidden Oasis”


What’s a random fun fact about you?

I used to try to work the front desk when I was little, and answer phone calls from guests.


Where did you attend college?

University of South Florida. (USF)


Favorite restaurant in town? If somebody visited where would you tell them to go?

Bern’s (Bern’s Steak House). I am a sucker for a great steak and delicious wine. Plus I think the ambience is one of a kind.


Favorite sports team (across all sports)?

Tampa Bay Bucs.


What’s something you’re looking forward to?

I am looking forward to seeing Tampa rebuild and continue to come together as a community. Once this pandemic slows down, I am looking forward to life getting back to normal and some of the amazing events coming to Tampa. I am also looking forward to seeing Tom Brady play for the Bucs. The Super Bowl in February 2021 will be great for the city.


What is your biggest piece of business advice?

Actively stay in tune with what your guests / audience wants and needs and figure out how you can best provide them with it.


If you would like to follow Tahitian Inn on social media, here is a link to their channels:


Call (813) 877-6721 to order a gift card and support Tahitian Inn during this unique time we’re in.



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