The 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

The 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

by Jake
April 14, 2020

Hey everyone!

Jake here from the Brick Media team. After working on hundreds of marketing campaigns over the past decade, I’ve noticed that there are 3 essential elements that tie together all of the successful campaigns I’ve been a part of.

In this industry, there are unlimited combinations of skills that people have. However, most marketers can relate with one of these three. There are “visual creatives” (1) and there are “numbers people” (2) and there are some who are lucky enough to have a little bit of both in their DNA. There are also “business minds” (3) who are maybe a mix of the two, or neither. They just have a very business-focused, operational approach to everything.

The beauty of marketing is finding ways to mesh the three. To create a successful marketing campaign, all three of these elements need to respect the other two as much as they respect themselves. Here are the 3 elements of a successful marketing campaign:


1) The Business Objective.

This fuels the others and sets the stage. Without understanding the objective at hand, everything else could be executed flawlessly, but without a purpose tying it all together.


2) The Creative.

The words, imagery, and video need to support the objective, and bring the campaign to life. Creative is the most critical variable that will make a campaign demand attention and inspire actions. The audience needs to pay attention to it, and understand what you’re trying to get across in a way that resonates.


3) The Numbers.

A beautiful visual campaign can fall flat on its face without analytics and data to measure performance. What’s the point of having something artistic and creative – just for the sake of being artistic and creative? In a business setting, you need a math element to layer in with the art. Otherwise it’s just that: art. Not business.


Number 1 ties everything together here, ultimately.

Without knowing the business and its main goals, you may execute a flawless campaign that ultimately achieves nothing important to the company at that moment in time.

That’s why in a professional marketing setting, all parties need to be equally respected. I’ve been in situations where the creative team doesn’t respect the media or analytics team because they are so convinced that they put together the greatest idea. I’ve also been in situations where the media people are so focused on numbers that they overly judge the visual elements of a campaign. The key here is for everybody to respect one another for their individual strengths, and work together to achieve the business objective at hand.


Can you relate to something that was said in this article?

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