3 Instagram Features You Should Be Using Right Now

3 Instagram Features You Should Be Using Right Now

by Jake
May 6, 2021

Are you struggling to build or maintain your social media presence for your business? 

Instagram is always giving businesses a whole new set of content-creation go-to’s to help you reach a larger audience, and maintain the connection with your existing supporters. 

The best part is that the algorithm LOVES when its newest features are being used. 

Here are 3 Instagram Features You Should Be Using Right Now!


Instagram Reels is an in-app creation tool that works a lot like TikTok. 

Reels allow you to create short videos, match them up to music or other audio, and share them on your Instagram feed, your profile page, AND on the Explore page. 

So, how can you use Reels in your business?

  • Showcase Your Products: Reels offer a great chance to do a little show and tell to your followers. Highlight the best features of your product or service and share its benefits.
  • Give Your Followers A Peek Behind The Scenes: Your audience will love seeing some of your behind-the-scenes moments. So, try using Reels to show your product being made, your service being delivered, or even your day-to-day routine as a business owner.
  • Educate your Audience: Showing people how to use your product, or when it’s the “perfect time” to use your service can help them connect with your company even more. 
  • Answer Questions: Another creative move that will help your customers connect and convert is to take some time to create FAQ Reels that answer the most common questions with the use of some humor or interesting visuals.

2. Instagram Guides 

If you’re active on Instagram, you’re probably sharing content several times a week. That’s a lot of valuable content that could be forgotten about after it pops up on a feed.

Thanks to Instagram Guides, businesses are now able to maximize the shelf life of their Instagram content. Instead of posting and ghosting your content, Instagram Guides make it easy for you to compile your posts together in the form of a guide.

When a user clicks on an individual post in a Guide, they’re directed back to the original post, or posts, that you have featured.


  • Offer Resources:  Guides offer a way to spotlight helpful resources and evergreen content from your profile. Depending on what your brand or business is, you can collect a number of resources for any topic you want to highlight & share with your audience.
  • Product Highlights: If you offer products or services, use Instagram Guides to highlight your bestsellers, new releases, etc. This is also a great way to go into more detail on WHY this product or service will benefit your audience. 
  • Roundups: Monthly and yearly roundups are very on-trend, so why not create one using an Instagram Guide? You can create product/service roundups, monthly favorites, or go as big as a yearly roundup to highlight key moments from your brand or business.

3.Instagram Stories Stickers

I don’t know about you, but our Instagram has been flooded with “ask me anything” questionnaires & “this or that” polls.

Story stickers are one of Instagram’s most interactive features and are the perfect way to constantly stay connected with your followers.

Instead of just sharing snippets of your day, Instagram Questions give the option to ask your followers to submit a question to you, or maybe even respond to a specific question that you may have for them. 

With Instagram Polls, you have the chance to gain quick feedback from your followers with a simple SWIPE or TAP.


  • Ask what new products or services your followers would like to see.
  • Use polls to crowdsource ideas and gather feedback.
  • Host an Ask Me Anything.

No matter what features you choose to use for your business, be sure to use the feedback you receive to strengthen your website and social accounts, add new products (or change out a few), and create an even STRONGER brand message.

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