22 Ways To Get Leads for Your Business

22 Ways To Get Leads for Your Business

by Jake
March 22, 2020

Hey everyone!


So, I think we can all agree on this: sales and prospecting is difficult. It gets exhausting trying to convince people that our product or service is “the one” to go with.

Well, today’s YOUR lucky today.

This blog post is going to be all about how you can get people to come to you, without having to persuade them. There is probably a buzzword for this (maybe “inbound marketing”) but we like to just keep things simple.

In English (because we despise buzzwords), we just want to give you some ideas that will get people to contact you because you made a great impression, or added value to their life. This creates a much more “warm and fuzzy” feeling throughout the entire process because you never had to do any sales.

They were already (mostly) bought-in when they reached out. They were already on 3rd base, and all you had to do was get them to home plate.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible with the right mix of high-level strategy and nitty gritty tactics.


Here is a great list of ideas to get started with.


Try some, and let us know what happens!


  1. Write blogs that are 2,000+ words and incredibly in-depth on a topic. This may seem like a waste of time (at the time) but you are giving your audience so much value that they will inevitably feel good about you.

  2. Create an interactive quiz. Not only will this be entertaining for your customer, but it will help you stand out. Just Google “make a quiz marketing” and you’ll see a few resources for that.

  3. Create some sort of free resource on your website that is hyper-relevant to your company. Think about how mortgage companies or real estate firms will have “Mortgage Calculators” on their website. What can you make on yours?

  4. Start a weekly or monthly email newsletter that only contains helpful content. No selling. Not even hidden, manipulative selling. Just information and value.

  5. Hire somebody to turn an idea you have into a helpful infographic. Sometimes your target audience needs an easy, fast way to digest a lot of information.

  6. Write a detailed success story / case study. Not just a quote from a customer or a 20 second video. Go in-depth about something that was done, list all of the steps, give context and background information, and spend the extra time to make it clear. This will build confidence in your potential customers.

  7. Create a podcast that is relevant to things your target audience is interested in. Oh yeah, here’s a quick plug: The Brick Media Podcast is on the way.

  8. Post helpful videos on YouTube and IGTV.

  9. Hire somebody to do an SEO audit of your website and make recommended changes. There is nothing better than coming up organically for important searches relevant to your business. People can sometimes be a bit cynical about ads.

  10. Invest in content. Your brand is an investment. Make it more valuable by paying for graphics, professional photos, and professional videos. These may not generate immediate returns, but they will help leave a good impression on people.

  11. Curate content and information from other sources. Sometimes, it’s helpful for your audience if somebody will just give them information from many sources so they don’t have to do all of that work on their own. This is another way to add value.

  12. Create a list of best practices for a topic that can be difficult to navigate or understand.

  13. Make it extremely easy to contact you. Putting phone numbers and email addresses in as many places as possible (without being too salesy or cheesy) is a good way to eliminate friction.

  14. Have great headlines and “first lines” of content. If you’re writing a blog, give it a really good title. Title your emails strategically. If you are writing a long LinkedIn post, one thing we like to do is have a good “first line” or sentence and leave it on its own line at the top.

  15. Guest post on another blog or guest feature on another podcast. This will help establish you as a subject matter expert in your field.

  16. Attend events, join groups, and take speaking opportunities at relevant events.

  17. Figure out ways for well-known websites to link back to your website. This is called back-linking. It will help improve your SEO and it will improve your credibility. It can either be a “listing” on a local website, or even getting mentioned in an article.

  18. Create a “State of…” article or PDF. For example, if we created something that said “The State of Digital Marketing Trends in 2020” and gave our thoughts on trends in the industry.

  19. Cross promotion with other people or brands. One way to acquire more customers is to partner with somebody else in a similar field or area. For example, give a 25% discount to people who are members of the local gym down the street.

  20. Create a template or worksheet that subtly has your logo or contact information on it. If you create something that people utilize regularly, or they can keep it on their desk, your name will subtly be in front of them all the time (in a helpful way).

  21. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups and add value. Don’t blast spam into the groups, even though it can be tempting. Do whatever you can to provide education, information, or entertainment to the group.

  22. Talk about things other than your company. If your brand posts content or talks about things that interest the audience (versus just about products and services) it can build a long term relationship because the content is about them, not about you.


If you didn’t know, now ya know!

We know it can be tough to get people to reach out, and it can be draining to sell 24/7. Try some of these ideas and let us know how it works for your business. We are strong believers that adding value and providing resources is a good way to execute a marketing strategy.


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