5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by Jake
May 17, 2021

With a small business, marketing and advertising can sometimes be more difficult and it can be a challenge to differentiate your company from others. According to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), there are 2.5 million small businesses in Florida. With this amount of small businesses, it is essential you know the best ways to advertise your and optimize your business offerings. Make sure you stand out in the industry!

These small business marketing tips will help you to raise brand awareness and grow your small business

1. Know your audience and retain those customers.

It is important that small businesses understand their target audience and who to engage with. Most small companies thrive on having a niche, and unlike larger companies, this niche won’t appeal to the whole market. Understanding your customers’ purchasing habits and priorities helps you to cater offerings that will entice your customers and ultimately drive profits. These profitable customers are important to keep happy and retain, rather than putting in more effort to gain new customers. It costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain existing ones. Your current customer base can be a great way to generate positive reviews and often leads to word of mouth advertising when they are satisfied… a great way for a small business to get new customers!

2. Collaborate with other small businesses and influencers.

It is important to utilize your local resources around to grow your company. Collaborating with other businesses and uses influencers to promote your company are great tools for small businesses to utilize. Collaborating with another business can be simple efforts, such as cross-promoting, guest blogging, joint giveaways on social media, hosting an event together, and much more. Collaborating will help both companies grow and is an opportunity to learn from other small business owners. Influencer marketing can similarly help to grow your company. Influencers usually have quite the following. Connect with a local influencer that can promote your company to their followers. This allows those who aren’t familiar with your company to learn about it and potentially explore your offerings. Influencers ultimately can reach a larger audience than you, and can lead to an increase of new customers.  

3. Build content on social media.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In are valuable tools for sharing content and allowing potential new clients to discover your company. Make sure your content is relevant and appeals to your audience. Stay up to date with trends and be creative! Social media can be a fun way to market your business and advertise your offerings. You can utilize paid ads and target specific customers. Social media also allows you to engage with your customers and communicate with them. Using analytics allows you to understand who exactly is interacting with your social media accounts so that you can tailor your content and overall strategy to this audience.

These various ways you can take advantage of social media for your company prove how important it is to build your content to post. It is a simple way for a small business to successfully market themselves. Having quality content on these social media platforms allows you to not only increase your brand awareness and communicate with customers, but drive traffic to your website and generate leads as well. Need help building your social media? Look no further! Use us here at Brick Media for all your social media management needs.

4. Utilize email marketing.

So you’ve generated more website traffic, what’s next? Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with current clients, as well as, potential clients and influence their purchasing. Use an email marketing tool to start building your email list and to send out newsletters. You can run various email marketing campaigns including welcome emails, educational emails, new offering emails, and more! Email marketing is a cost effective marketing tool for small businesses. It helps your business stay in contact with customers and builds credibility through those communication efforts. Check out Mailchimp for an email marketing tool!

5. Invest in ads.

Once you’ve built your social media presence and began email marketing campaigns, it can be useful to invest in paid ads to drive more traffic to your company. Organic traffic can only be built so much and can also take a while. Using paid ads to drive more traffic is a great tactic for small businesses to reach even more of the market. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are tools that will drive more people to your page and drive interactions. Google Ads allows you to appear in Google as audiences search for offerings similar to your company. It is important to use key words in these ads in order to run a successful campaign. Facebook Ads allows you to boost social media posts to reach more accounts than just the ones following your page.

Overall, you can connect with your customers and attract new customers with these marketing tips. These marketing tips for small businesses can help you build your marketing strategy and your company. Marketing remains essential for small businesses to grow!

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