Coronavirus Business Impact: 3 Tips for Marketing and Social Media

Coronavirus Business Impact: 3 Tips for Marketing and Social Media

by Jake
March 22, 2020

Hope you’re all staying healthy!


Today, we’re exploring the Marketing and Branding side of the Coronavirus, in terms of its business impact.

Many companies are confused about what they should be doing with their marketing and social media during this global health crisis. We wanted to address the Coronavirus from the standpoint of marketing and social media because we know brands need to be careful and sensitive during this time.


Here are 3 things to keep in mind:

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1. Don’t Be “Tone Deaf”

  • Look through your upcoming social media content and pretend you’re a random person coming across it. Does anything feel “wrong” or “ehhh” to be posting about during the Coronavirus outbreak?

  • Think twice…Better yet, three times, before posting!

  • Example 1: Hershey took down ads that showed people hugging and touching because of the issues with close contact right now.

  • Example 2: Coors Light had a campaign about working remotely during March Madness. Many people are working from home to avoid the disease, not to watch basketball. So this message may have come across as tone deaf.

  • Right now, a tone of empathy, understanding, and care = perfect


2. This is not a “Sales Opportunity” 

  • Avoid linking yourself to a health scare to drive revenue.

  • We have seen a few emails from companies that are appearing to take advantage of the fear of consumers and businesses.

  • A quick dollar is not worth the long term impact of aligning your brand with fear-based marketing.


3. Lead By Example and Own Your Brand

  • Look for ways to “do the right thing” and help contribute.

  • Intent matters, though. Again, do not use this as an opportunity to create sales.

  • Don’t share Coronavirus info unless it’s verified and true.

  • How can you be useful, helpful, and valuable in the midst of this crisis?




We hope you are all continuing to take precautions.

Stay safe, and of course…wash your hands!



Reach out with any marketing questions!



Talk soon!

-The Brick Team



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