It’s Time to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

It’s Time to Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

by Jake
May 9, 2022

Let’s be honest… we’re all guilty of mindless scrolling on social media – whether it be for five minutes or five hours (we’re not judging).  Social media is no longer an add-on to your marketing strategy – it’s part of the foundation.  With nearly 4 billion social media users across all platforms, it’s time to strengthen your social media strategy and establish a presence across a variety of platforms.  

We won’t leave you in the dark to figure it out on your own.  Brick Media has some tips that can make establishing your social media presence a little less overwhelming.  

  1.  Be Consistent

The best way to reach your audience is to put out content.  Develop content that is relevant to your brand and goes beyond what you offer.  Once you have an idea of the type of content you want to post – POST IT.  

Create a plan and commit to it.  Consistency is the key to finding out what works and what doesn’t work.  

  1.  Different Platforms = Different Strategies 

What works on one platform isn’t guaranteed to work on another platform.  Users go to different platforms for different reasons.  For example; TikTok is more widely used for lifestyle content, educational content and trends, whereas LinkedIn is used for building a professional network.  

Understanding your audience on each platform, or the audiences you wish to attract, will help you to create a content strategy for each platform.  By differentiating your strategy for each platform, you’re able to establish a brand identity and grow organically, all without being repetitive.  

  1.  Track Your Data

Finding a strategy that works requires you to find quantitative proof.  Fortunately for all of us, social media platforms have adapted to those needs and provide useful account analytics to users (and sometimes they do the math for us too).  

On most platforms, you can track data for engagement, reach, impressions, and more.  Find the metrics that are relevant to your goals (KPIs) and track them on a consistent basis.  Whether you check weekly or monthly, tracking your data can help you to benchmark your progress and identify which content is working to grow your brand.  

  1.  Engage with Others 

It’s not enough to post and sign off.  Brands that thrive are brands that interact with their audiences.  Follow relevant accounts or like and comment on your followers’ posts.  With this in mind, we move into our last piece of advice…

  1.  Build a Community

When engaging with others, BE AUTHENTIC!  In other words, use your brand’s personality to interact with others in a “human” way.  

Join in on conversations!  When you interact with others, you will find people who align with your target market and in turn, attract a following that is interested in what you offer.  

By using a community-focused approach, this acquisition of leads and followers is organic, making them more likely to engage with your brand and help you to grow your social media presence.  

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